Islam-Expo 3 –tapahtumassa kuullaan puhujia Suomesta ja ulkomailta. Puhujina on mm. Suomen valtiovallan edustajia, akateemisia muslimipuhujia eri puolilta maailmaa sekä islamilaisen median asiantuntijoita.

Sheikh Abdul Aziz Al Nuaimi

Sheikh Al Nuaimi is a member of the Ajman royal family in the United Arab Emirates. Fondly known around the world as the ‘Green Sheikh’, his mission is to raise global awareness about environment and sustainability, by encouraging and instilling a general sense of environmental stewardship. His great passion is to inspire and to mentor young leaders to become the custodians of our shared future..

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Jyrki Katainen

Following the parliamentary election held on April 17, 2011, Katainen was elected Prime Minister by the new parliament and assumed office on June 22, 2011. His centre-right National Coalition Party became the largest party for the first time in the history of independent Finland. After long and difficult government-forming negotiations, he was elected Prime Minister by the Finnish Parliament, and his government of six parties..

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Dr. Ahmad Al Tawfiq

Minister of Awqaf and Islamic Affairs of Morocco

Al Tawfiq is the Minister of Awqaf and Islamic Affairs in Morocco. He is a strong supporter of sufi groups. He is a writer for the Moroccan Association for authorship, publications and translation as well as the Vice President of the Moroccan institution for historical research..

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Abdur-Raheem McCarthy

Instructor for AlKauthar Institute

• Presenter for Peace TV & Huda TV
• Doing what he can for the Ummah
• Accepted Islam in 1994

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Ahmed Hameed

Ahmed Hamed is a young talented orator on Islam and comparative religion. He presents Islam in a dynamic way and clarifies misconceptions about Islam on the basis of Qur’an, Authentic teachings of Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) and other world religious scriptures with reason, logic and scientific understanding..

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Gabriel Keresztes

Gabriel is extremely energetic and innovative, but his strength lies in dealing with different individuals from different walks of life, different cultures and different mentalities. He is very skilled at different languages (Arabic, Italian, Romanian) and can adapt very fast to different work and living environments. His objective is to establish one of the biggest research institutes in the world..

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Kari Mäkinen

Archbishop of the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Finland

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Samira Rajab

Information Minister of Bahrain

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Abdul-Latif Al Mahmood

Chairman of the board - Islamic Society of Bahrain

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Dr. Khawla Al-Muhannadi

Manager - National monument of charter of Bahrain

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Hossam Hewidy

Hossam Hewidy graduated in Cairo in 1987 as an architect and has practiced since then, mostly in sustainable tourism development. He lives in Helsinki since 2000, where he teaches and studies urban planning at Aalto University, department of architecture. Hewidy teaches strategic and regional urban planning and has a special interest in Planning Policy in a Diverse Society..

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Helena Benaouda

Chairman of the board - Islamic Council of Sweden

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