Islam-Expo 3


Abdur-Raheem McCarthy

Personal Information:

• Presenter for Peace TV & Huda TV

• Instructor for Alkauthar Institute

• Doing what he can for the Ummah

• Irish-American heritage. Born and raised in The US

• Accepted Islam in 1994

• Married with seven children (masha Allah!)

• Die hard basketball & football (not soccer) fan. Celtics & Redskins supporter

• Loves to read, spend time with family and enjoy the outdoors.

• Favorite place after the masjid home sweet home and of course the office


• Started his quest to seek knowledge after he became Muslim in America and then traveled 6 months later to Sudan and later Saudi Arabia.

• Spent 10 years in Madinah studying under the scholars and as a student in the Islamic University of Madinah.

• Graduated from the Arabic Institute and then from the faculty of Da'wah and Usool Ad-Deen Islamic University of Madinah.

• Studied and benefited from more than a 100 different scholars.

• Studied the Maliki and Hanbali Madhaahib.


• Presenter for Peace TV & Huda TV

• Instructor for Alkauthar Institute

• Co-founder and Principal of Al-Manar Tarbiyah Weekend School, Dubai, UAE

• Certified Islamic Studies teacher by the ministry of education Dubai

• 5 years' experience teaching Islamic & Religious Studies at the high school level

• Delivered workshops and lectured at numerous international events such as Peace TV conference Mumbai, and conferences in UK, Canada, Ireland, Qatar, UAE and Sudan.

• More than 450 TV shows on Peace TV, Huda TV, Tayba TV, Sharjah TV and Qatar TV.

• Lecturer at several universities and centers in Sudan

• Helped established Welcome to Islam Da'wah organization in Khartoum Sudan 2007-2009

• Worked as an instructor for several da'wah organizations in Sudan and Dubai