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Sheikh Abdul Aziz bin Ali Al Nuaimi

Sheikh Al Nuaimi is a member of the Ajman royal family in the United Arab Emirates. Fondly known around the world as the ‘Green Sheikh’, his mission is to raise global awareness about environment and sustainability, by encouraging and instilling a general sense of environmental stewardship. His great passion is to inspire and to mentor young leaders to become the custodians of our shared future.

Sheikh Al Nuaimi earned his PhD in Cleaner Production and Industrial (Ecology) Eco-Systems from the Griffith University, Queensland, Australia in 2007. He holds a Master of Environmental Science in 1999 (Colorado - USA, Wales - UK, Al Ain - UAE and Hiroshima - Japan). In 1994, he earned a higher diploma in Management at Sadat Academy, Cairo, Egypt. In 1991, he graduated with a diploma of Military Science from Royal Military Academy “Sandhurst”- UK. He possesses a Bachelor’s degree in Chemical and Petroleum Engineering from UAE University in 1989.

The Sheikh is the official Environmental Advisor to the Ajman government. He is also the International Senior Board Advisor at WANA (West Asia North Africa) Forum in Jordan and the honorary member at the Arab Thoughts Forum, both chaired by H.R.H Princess El Hassan bin Talal. Sheikh Al Nuaimi is the Vice President and General Secretary of the Ajman-based Al Ihsan Charity Association, which supports orphaned children and women raising families alone as a result of spousal bereavement or divorce.

Most of Sheikh Al Nuaimi’s efforts, talks and contributions are centered on the importance of a harmonious relationship between people and nature. His views are grounded in core values of the Islamic philosophy of harmony and respect; the essential Islamic belief in the interdependency between all natural elements, and the premise that, if humans abuse or exhaust one element, the natural world as a whole will suffer direct consequences. He supports many organizations promoting sustainability and is a frequent speaker at international events, on television and radio, and via social media to encourage environmentally friendly lifestyles and holistic living.

In 2004, Sheikh Al Nuaimi was honored at the 97th A&WMA Annual Conference and Exhibition in Indianapolis, and was awarded first place for his doctoral research on sustainable development. In 2007, his environmental and humanitarian contributions were recognized by the “Sharjah Volunteering Awards.” Sheikh Al Nuaimi has also been presented with three distinct and prestigious awards in Miami, amongst of which the City of Hialeah proclaimed September 25th as “Sheikh Abdul Aziz Day”. In 2010, he was awarded the Islamic Personality by Fujairah Quranic Award in the UAE.

In recognition of the shared core interests in promoting environmental awareness and conservation, Sheikh Al Nuaimi was approached by Ford Motor Company Middle East to become an Ambassador for the Ford Conservation and Environment Grants. In 2012, he became the Goodwill Ambassador of Plastic Pollution Coalition, a global alliance working on eliminating plastic pollution around the world. In 2013, he became the first Goodwill Ambassador of World Green Citizen and the 16th Ambassador of Earth condominium.

The Sheikh is the author of three books in Arabic, “Our beautiful Environment”, “Private and Top Secret”, and “Personal Strategic Development” and is working on his fourth book, in English.

Sheikh Al Nuaimi has distinguished himself as a community servant and visionary, and an advocate for social and environmental responsibility and enlightenment. He firmly believes that our survival as humankind depends on our ability to place people and values above profit. For more information about Sheikh Abdul Aziz Al Nuaimi, visit